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How Crash Adams Leveraged YouTube Shorts to Supercharge Their Growth

By using YouTube Shorts, Pop Duo Crash Adams went from obscurity to No. 1 on Chartmetric's Breakthrough 100—not to mention being signed by Warner Records—in less than a year.


In just 13 months, Crash Adams achieved true cross-platform success, catapulting from 4,000 to 4,000,000 YouTube subscribers, 1.3B monetized views, and 75M+ Spotify streams—among other milestones. In January 2023, the duo garnered the No. 1 spot on Chartmetric’s 6MO H2 2022: Breakthrough 100 list. In other words, their digital footprint saw the biggest growth among all Developing acts within the past year, further highlighting the merits of a true comprehensive (and replicable) marketing strategy. Using YouTube Shorts, Crash Adams harnessed their brand, their community, and their content cadence, parlaying those into explosive success, both on and off the platform. And the multi-hyphenates show no signs of slowing down.


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